Ashcross Kennels

Our custom built kennel block was designed and constructed to provide a light, spacious feel for your pets to help them feel comfortable in new surroundings.
Each run has a large indoor area with large plastic bed lined with a luxury veterinary endorsed bedding to provide warmth and comfort, the internal tiled floors lead to an external tiled run to allow your dog the freedom to be in the fresh air.

kennel-run-in_750We have a number of kennels of differing sizes including some for very large dogs, or groups of dogs from the same family, in addition to our standard sized kennels. The kennels are fully heated for the when the colder nights set in.


We have a large, securely fenced field of around an acre in which your dog will be walked at least three times a day by one of our team. The enclosed field provides plenty of room to run and play, chasing balls and toys. Of course if your dog is unable or unwilling to chase balls, they can walk around at their own pace and explore in their own way.
Should your dog have any special conditions or diets these can be accounted for, otherwise they will be fed food similar to which they receive at home.

If your dog is undergoing any medical treatment please let us know, so that we are able to accommodate these requests to ensure their well-being