SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Our cattery was completed in 1999 and hosts 18 individual accommodation chalets for the cats. Each chalet has a large comfortable inside area with veterinary approved bedding for each cat and a thermostatically controlled ceramic heat lamp above each sleeping area. There is plenty of room on the ground for your pet to play, and stretch comfortably inside. Each chalet has an enclosed and covered outdoor area where your cat can sit and watch the world go by, or play and exercise. This means that your cat has access to the fresh air.

cattery-insideAll chalets are all self contained, however cats are social creatures so they are able to see their next door neighbours, through Perspex partitions. All cats are groomed daily by one of the family team and given lots of loving attention to make them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

cattery-pen_750All cats are given fresh water and food twice a day, and will be fed a diet similar to that which they receive at home, to try and keep a sense of home at all times, we leave a radio on all day so that your pets can hear voices all the time, we have found this helps them to settle in.