About Us

Ash Cross Kennels and Cattery is a family run business, Paul and Pat have had years of experience in animal care, having had pets in the family for 30 years, we were also Kennel Club registered spaniel breeders, which has provided us with a wealth of experience puppies and young dogs. Paul has been bought up with large dogs all through his younger life, so there really is no dog too small or large for us here at Ash Cross. Paul has been breeding budgies and parrots before running the Kennels and Cattery. We have been looking for the right Kennels and Cattery to purchase for around 10 years, however each one we looked at was not quite what we were looking for, either the kennel buildings or the land did not meet our high expectations, then we found Ash Cross on our doorstep. With the large land for the dogs and the custom build Kennels and Cattery we knew that we had hit the jackpot! In 2008 Pat passed a National Diploma in pet grooming, in 2010 we became qualified to microchip pets.

Alongside us you may also see our daughter Helen up at the Cattery and her partner Ben at the Kennels. Helen has always been around cats and dogs, they currently own two cats; a ginger tom and a tortoiseshell girl both around 5 years old. Working in Dartmouth hospital she is used to helping people, this applies to animals as well. Ben originally worked in the hotel trade before moving into IT, however before this wanted to be a vet, and used to spend weekends in a veterinary surgery or at the Animals in Distress Rescue Centre at Ipplepen.